About Liz

Liz’s fifteen plus years as a college instructor has surprisingly, though quite naturally, led her to create this advice column.  Over the years, semester after semester, students have reached out to her with the most personal of issues, seeking advice and support.  Liz has a genuine affection for her students, and devotes much “after class time” helping them to sort through the issues that burden their ability to feel happy and hopeful about their life.  In some respects, her advice column, Questions My Students Ask Me, is a natural extension of what she does each day.

Liz holds a degree in law from Temple University-James E. Beasley School of Law, a BA in Philosophy, a Masters Certificate in Theology/Justice and Peace, and has personally studied topics in spirituality and counseling extensively.  While her formal education has certainly framed her course offerings and instruction, it was her time spent in India working at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Destitute and Dying, her work in a community devastated by AIDS, and years working at a refuge for victims of domestic violence, that shifted her spiritual and political consciousness.  Her own very painful experiences with grief, abuse in an intimate relationship, single parenthood, and addiction in her own family, has both prepared and inspired her to reach out to others in the form of open dialogue and honest/compassionate advice.

Liz lives in New Hampshire with her husband, two young children, and near to her adult son and his family.  She is currently a part-time Instructor in the Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies departments at Keene State College.

Liz is available for private life coaching sessions.