Why Don’t I Experience Sexual Attraction?

Dear Liz,

I think I might be a sex-positive asexual (which means that while I enjoy sex, I don’t experience sexual attraction).  I’ve identified as bisexual in the past, because I am generally attracted to both men and women, but I’ve only had one relationship before.  During that relationship, my ex would often tell me that she didn’t feel like I was sexually attracted to her.  I think she might have been right?  I don’t feel what I assume is some kind of want for sex with celebrity crushes, and I don’t feel it for people who I find aesthetically pleasing and who I know I should, logically, find sexually attractive.  But I don’t know if this lack of feeling is truly asexuality, or if I just don’t know that what I am feeling counts as sexual attraction?  I feel physically/aesthetically drawn to people, as well as Continue reading

Depression as an Opportunity for Emotional and Spiritual Transformation

Dear Liz,

So over the past few months I haven’t felt like myself.  I’ve realized I’m not the happy, outgoing girl I used to be. I barely ever hang out with friends, and when it comes to making a decision on something simple, I tend to get overly frustrated and break down. I’m afraid to talk to my mom about this because it may not even be a big deal to her. And in the past when I have struggled with my weight, both my parents would tell me I’m too skinny and yell at me to eat more. I don’t know if that plays a role in this situation, and my happiness—I just want this feeling of helplessness to go away. I don’t know how to tell my mom, and need some advice.
Continue reading

Student From Violent Neighborhood Asks About Gun Control

A while back, a student in my ethics course, knowing I was beginning a Questions My Students Ask Me project, sent an e-mail and asked if I supported gun control.  I wrote back and asked him if he had an opinion on the issue, given his particular childhood environment (D. had previously shared with me that he grew up in an inner city housing project complex, and spoke to me about the gun violence he encountered regularly).  He responded:  Criminals will get guns no matter what-they break the law because they don’t care.  My childhood experiences made me supportive of weapons because I was part of that lifestyle and   Continue reading